Love is the answer

Published 4:36 pm Friday, August 12, 2011

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told a prospective adopter of one of my kids that love is not enough.
Often the animal they’ve chosen and the situation they are in is not a match and the outcome could be sad for both of them. The other side of the coin is that I am fallible, I have made mistakes, on both ends of the spectrum.
Out of love, people’s willingness to adapt has made what I deemed a tenable situation ideal. I’ve also witnessed perfect situations fall apart because of lack of love and patience.
If I’ve learned one thing through it all, it’s that it is far easier to judge my kids then it is to judge people because the animals do not put up false fronts.
I found myself in a dilemma this week as I tried to put together my column.
The problem isn’t that I haven’t any subjects, it’s just that there’s too much going on for me to choose from.
Foremost is Jewel from “Fighting for life.”  She’s been back and forth to the specialists at Upstate at a cost of more than $3,000 and we’re still fighting. This sweet girl has awakened many caring people – story to come.
Hannah Belle, the emaciated coon hound is nearing 40 pounds and doing well in a loving home – story to come.
I don’t know what will come my way from now till then, we’ll see, story to come.
Now for the reason I began this tale as I did:
This week while finalizing Snowy’s tale I entered FHS and checked the board to see what was at hand before beginning my shift.
A dog that I was used to seeing on the board was missing. I spun around to check the list of dogs who have been adopted and there in big bold letters was DURANGO.
Big bold and brassy had found a home and from the way it was put on the board, the staff felt the same as myself about it. I’d grown to love that boy very much and I’m sure that there will be more like him in the future.
One thing I do know, with love, patience and proper environment, Durango will be a very special addition to someone family. I am currently trying to set up a visit to see him at his new home. Story to come. On behalf of Durango and all my very precious kids,
Thanks for listening.

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