PoKitties, and 20 years of caring at FHS

Published 3:50 pm Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello Everyone!

I love this beautiful fall weather when I can once again enjoy the outdoors without feeling like Im about to faint! I hope you are enjoying it as well. I have been barking at the vultures and the turkeys….the latter drive me crazy when they gobble.

In case you havent heard, this is a big weekend for the Foothills Shelter: it is their 20th Anniversary, and we are all very excited about it.&bsp; I have even agreed to let the gals at Landrum Vet bathe me for the occasion!

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From 11 a.m. –

2 p.m. Saturday, PLEASE come to the Open House at the shelter on Little Mountain Rd.&bsp; There will be lots of fun things to do, including free food! Unfortunately, I have been told that there is a ten-foot no-Champ zone around the food.&bsp; Sigh. There will be pony rides, obedience demonstrations, and fun and games for everyone. Santa will be there posing for photos with you and your pets and I expect I will let him have a photo op with me while I am there!&bsp; Think I will fit in his lap????

There have been lots of improvements at the shelter for the animals, so make sure you see those, and of course, I will be there with my little friend and spokesdog-in-waiting, Moses…who by the way, is not so little anymore! He is quite handsome, although he has a long way to go before he is as fluffy and glorious as me.

While you are at the shelter, please stop by and visit the animals. We have lots of cats and dogs, and while they do need their very own homes, they would really appreciate a few minutes of attention from you. A few kind words, or a scratch under the chin or around the ears, can be heaven for these homeless ones.

At 5:00 p.m. sharp, the PoKitties Photo Contest Awards Ceremony and Foothills Humane Society 20th Anniversary Gala Celebration will begin at the Tryon Fine Arts Center.&bsp; My dear, ADD friend Randy Grobe, will be hosting the event, so it should go pretty quickly.&bsp; Every year I say this, but the photos are extraordinary!

They look so good hanging in that magnificent space. The reception following the Awards Ceremony will be spectacular — I read the menu and have been drooling ever since.&bsp; I guess this is why I am NOT invited to attend.&bsp; But all of YOU are — this celebration is open to the public.

The local business community has really stepped up to the plate and donated some truly great prizes — wait until you see them! My humans have been bemoaning the fact that they are ineligible to win anything!&bsp; The photo that wins Best in Show will also win a week in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath Florida vacation home with a private pool, courtesy of Debbie Arnold and Terry Cacioppo.&bsp; Now THAT is a really cool prize!

We are hoping that Sheriff Hill will attend (if he is not busy with his official duties) and Dana says that the PoKitties Cowboy BETTER be there! I know from years of experience that when she speaks to ME in that tone of voice, I better do what she wants, and quickly.&bsp; There will be lots of local luminaries, and although I will not be there to lend my star-quality, it will still be a fun evening for all.

And me?&bsp; Ill be home, looking for trouble to express my displeasure at being left out.&bsp; Just kidding.&bsp; Maybe.