Big doings…

Published 3:30 pm Friday, September 17, 2010

As always, I have much to say, but first I would like to remind you about the PoKitties All-Pet Photo Contest, because the deadline for photo entries is fast approaching. Send a picture of your dog, cat, horse, gerbil, snake, fish, bird, or what-have-you along with an Official Entry Form and $5.00 to PoKitties, P.O. Box 39, Tryon, NC&bsp; 28782, and make sure it is postmarked by September 30. All proceeds go to benefit the PoKitties program, which even I think is one of the best programs around for cats.&bsp; And the BEST part is the party!&bsp; The problem is, I am usually left at home because my umans say I am a food-monger. This year, though, I would love to go to the Tryon Fine Arts Center to look at the photos of the animals and have just a bite or two of the fabulous food.

The party (ahem) awards ceremony will be at 5 p.m. on November 6, which coincidentally is the 20th Anniversary of the Foothills Humane Society Shelter!&bsp; There will be an open-house at the shelter that Saturday from 10-2, with lots of fun for the whole family. I will be attending (they had to promise that I would be able to&bsp; participate in the FOOD part) and look forward to this great event. Of course, later that afternoon, I would LIKE to attend the big celebration at the Tryon Fine Arts Center.&bsp; I understand that the food will be divine.

I would also like to brag a little about the shelter since their 20th Anniversary is coming up.&bsp; Did you know that in 2010, the shelters live release rate is a whopping 98%?&bsp; Not only is this a phenomenal number for our area, it is right up at the top of the numbers for shelters across the country! It means that the Board, the staff, and the volunteers are working unbelievably hard and saving the lives of 98% of the animals that come in.&bsp; I stand in awe, and extend my deepest gratitude to all involved in this extraordinary success story.

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I got a woofing (literally) ovation at Polk County High School this week.&bsp; When I was introduced, it was all I could do to maintain my cool, calm, collected self in the face of the entire student body woofing and cheering for me. However, when I am On The Job, I have to be professional. Unless, of course, there is food involved. I can make an exception for food. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the faculty and students, as well as the other presenters. I am a big fan of the AFS program, you know.&bsp; And I am an honorary member of the Humane Society Club.&bsp; Unfortunately, no food was served at the program. Other than that, it was awesome.

I was also pleased (although not surprised) to be given a brand-new collar that says, Best Ever Dog.&bsp; Ahem.&bsp; Its about time my humans realized that I am head and tails above the rest!&bsp; &bsp;

Seriously, the collar is quite appropriate, and, Im told, looks handsome on me.&bsp; But then, what doesnt?

Again, let me encourage you to send in photos of your pet for the PoKitties All-Pet Photo Contest.&bsp; The photos are mounted and displayed on the walls of the Tryon Fine Arts Center, and they are an incredible sight. It is for a terrific cause, the PoKitties program, which saves the lives of the&bsp; free-roaming cats in OUR community.

I will remind you again about the gala celebration and Awards Ceremony before November 6.&bsp; Perhaps this year, I will be allowed to attend. I promise not to beg everyone for food.



PS:&bsp; A big thank you to Landrum Vet for making me look spiffy for the school event…..much as I hated the process!