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PEER shares past years events

Polk Equine Emergency Rescue (PEER) recently issued a summary of its accomplishments in the past year.The organization has extricated horses (and one donkey) and participated in on-site emergency services at local horse shows, cross country events and Steeplechase in the past year.Some of the groups accomplishments in 2009 include: Extricating a donkey from deep mud. He certainly would have perished were it not for an emergency call from a fire house in South Carolina to the PEER rescue team. Removing a horse that had fallen into a swimming pool. PEER was successful in pulling him to safety with the help of local EMS and PEERs certified large animal technicians. A very happy ending for the horse and his anxious owner. Transporting several horses who sustained minor injuries during the annual Steeplechase races. Aiding a horse in the hunting field who had twisted a shoe and could not proceed without injury to himself. Rescuing a horse struggling to get out of a pond.Thanks to several grants PEER has received and for the support of the community and donations, PEER organizers say their vision of obtaining a new trailer for their ambulance is just over the horizon.If you wish to help PEER, you can do so by sending contributions to Polk Equine Emergency Rescue, PO Box 1237, Tryon, NC 28782. PEER is a 501(c)(3)and donations are tax deductible.