Don’t lose a friend to drugs

Has a friend become moody, short-tempered, and hostile? Does he or she seem out of it or spacey? Is she suddenly cutting classes and hanging ... Read more

Generic drugs offer seniors big savings

Dear Savvy Senior, Are brand-name medications better than generic, and if not, why is there such a price difference? Also, how can I find out which ... Read more

Some thoughts on the Psalms

I’ve been thinking about the Psalms. There are 150 of them. They are found in the Old Testament. Some are quoted in part in the ... Read more

Aching around the lake

I wasn’t gifted with athletic prowess, and so don’t participate in sports in which other people depend on my abilities to win. As a child, ... Read more

Place is the issue

With all due respect to Mr. Hiley’s letter of Sept. 10, there is some merit to limiting the time for a citizen to make comments ... Read more

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Publisher's Notebook

Hunger Action Month and Outreach

Mary was a professional, with a good job and a middle class lifestyle. Then one day, one of the ripple effects of the great ... Read more

Tryon Daily Bulletin wins state press association awards

The Tryon Daily Bulletin won 9 awards in the North Carolina Press Association’s 2013 News, Editorial & Photo Journalism and Advertising Contests (Daily Division 12,500 ... Read more