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Fall waterfallin’

The most wonderful time of the year is almost on us, fall and winter. Well, you may not agree, but for me it’s my favorite ... Read more

Night time lake tactics

Night time lake tactics

Summertime fishing can be tough; at least some years are tougher than others. This year seems to be one of those tough years. What can ... Read more

Summer  Waterfallin’

Summer Waterfallin’

While summer is the least favorite time for me to hike to waterfalls, the ones that are at the end of a well beaten path ... Read more

Terminal tackle part 2

As we continue to look at terminal tackle, and specifically fishing line, let’s look at 2 types of line that are a little more specialized. ... Read more

Pondering how recent cold weather affected area fishing

So, what will all this cold weather do to the fishing? That’s a good question. If I could know the answers to such a question ... Read more

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