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Sustainable farming for a sustainable planet

By Betsy Burdett This column is being written from Antigua, Guatemala. I came with my friend Peg Henneke. Peg came to be with her daughter, ... Read more

What amazing things a bulldozer can do

For years I have bemoaned the fact that people move to this part of the country because it is so beautiful, then change their piece ... Read more

Happiness is the acceptance of reality

Happiness is the acceptance of reality, and living in accordance with that reality. We live in a culture that “dreams the big dream” where everyone ... Read more

Learn to slow down and iron napkins again

Years ago I wrote a column about napkins. It is one column many of you commented on, probably because most of us “older folk” have ... Read more

Agricultural development vs. economic development

It has been more than a month since Lynn Sprague asked me to think about writing a Conservation Corner about agricultural development in the context ... Read more

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