Macho had his first operation on April 3. (photo by Leonard Rizzo)
Macho had his first operation on April 3. (photo by Leonard Rizzo)

Things just seem to happen

Published 6:46pm Thursday, April 3, 2014

A few months ago friends called me because two of their dogs got in a fight and a third seemed to instigate it. Blood was drawn, not only from the dogs but from the people who separated them. Quarantine was in order and I paid for one of the dogs to be housed at Bonnie Brae.  Bonnie Brae put my money on account and decided to handle the fees themselves.
Susie, an 11 year old Pomeranian, needed severe dental work and her mom, who had lost her husband over the Christmas holidays, could not afford it.  The money put up to help the first dog was used to help Susie.  All animals involved are doing fine, thank the Lord. I want you all to know that I didn’t plan any of this, it just happened.
I’ve been given access to some bedding and small carriers that are quite nice.  I’ve given as many as I can to rescues and I’ve been selling them at Landrum vet for a reasonable price with proceeds going to Lennie’s kids.  After the first batch I had an envelo

pe with $240 in it.
An 8 year old Chihuahua has mouth problems and may have cancer. The frantic owner loves her boy but cannot afford what’s needed. I of course learned of this the day I picked up the envelope.  The amount needed to get things started is just about what was in the envelope so that money was put aside to help the Chihuahua.  Once again not planned, it just happened that way.
My beautiful Aurora was spayed last week and at that time two new things were revealed.  She was a little over a month pregnant, which we caught in time and a 3rd bullet was found in her lower leg.
Aurora, who is just over a year old, is healing wonderfully and all who meet her fall instantly in love, for she is a true beauty, both inside and

out.  I’m having Landrum vet draw up a bill but hold off on payment.  A few folks have asked how they could help with Aurora so if you read this, now’s the time.  Another thing that I did not plan turned up this week.
If you look at this years F.H.S. calendar it is filled with beautiful animals, many of whom are friends of mine like Jericho, Rocco and Macho to name a few. Macho, who is doing a wonderful job in his new home and is greatly loved by Adam his new owner, has a severe problem. He has blown both his knees, one pretty bad and I’ve had x-rays sent to Dr. Allen at U.V.S. Adam and I will be taking Macho to see Dr. Keith Allen on Thursday 4/3 to do the first operation. I checked my account at F.H.S. and it has $3900 at this moment, not counting what I will owe for Aurora. The fee for Macho’s first operation is $3900, which I will try to have reduced as mu

ch as I can. One thing at a time I guess, it always seems to work out, but I didn’t plan any of this.
I know who’s doing this but I’d best not complain, so long as we find a way to help His precious creatures.
As for my health, I’m coming along with some more tests for my lungs scheduled this month. My biggest complaint is the change in my diet; I had to give up lasagna for Greek yogurt.
Now I certainly didn’t plan this but I guess it’s a small enough sacrifice after the one He did for me. So once again, thank you Lord and thank you all for listening.

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