Shown is dear Lindsey (pretty, isn’t she?), severely favoring her left rear leg.  The x-ray shows Lindsey’s old wound that was allowed to heal improperly. (photo by Leonard Rizzo)
Shown is dear Lindsey (pretty, isn’t she?), severely favoring her left rear leg. The x-ray shows Lindsey’s old wound that was allowed to heal improperly. (photo by Leonard Rizzo)

Speial Cases: Ever grateful

Published 8:24pm Thursday, March 13, 2014

Since we last spoke I have had two emergency visits at St. Luke’s and constant visits to the doctor.  I’m quite weak and am having trouble sleeping and breathing.  Visits to heart and lung specialists are coming soon but until we find out what’s up, I’m afraid my special cases column will be a bit sporadic.
In the meantime, I feel secure covered in the spiritual blanket your cards and prayers have offered.  I have not been idle, using the phone, the vets, fellow rescuers and personal visits when I’m up to it.  Many thanks to those who are keeping my fund alive with their support.
Thanks to my dear friend Dana Meyer (the blue whale) for placing my sweet Marciano and helping with Beastro.
Thanks to Richard and Jackie Hanfman for fostering and helping to find a home for Loretta.  Over $600 was spent to help Amy, a 9 year old beagle with a badly broken leg, fixed, mended and home.  Thanks to Dr. Raines and all the staff at Landrum vet.  Welcome Dr. Lara, I’m sure I’ll be calling on you in the future, God willing.
Many of the rescuers and I have collaborated in the past, chief among them are Pattie Peake and Chris Hume (prayers for Chris).
The photo shown is of dear Lindsey (pretty, isn’t she?), severely favoring her left rear leg.  The x-rays showed that she had an old wound that was allowed to heal improperly.  It looked as if taking the leg was the best option.  This case was very reminiscent of my magnificent Snowy years back.  We decided to send x-rays to Dr. Keith Allen at Upstate Veterinary Clinic, if Lindsey had any chance it would come from my dear friend Keith.  Lindsay was accepted and off she went as one of Lennie’s kids.  Once again Dr. Allen did his magic and Lindsay is off to a fabulous rescue in New Jersey with some of the best therapeutic care in the country.  Once again Keith was also helpful with savings for our funds.  God bless you my friend.
As most of you know I have been awarded the # 1 column in the state.
I cannot begin to express how humble I feel at this moment.  Just to beat out the fine writers here at TDB is amazing, but the whole state is just awesome.  I somehow feel like a mouse that’s looked upon as a lion, I hope somehow this transfers into more help for my kids.
By the way, Mojo is doing fine in his foster home, a few more months and the main operation will be done.  He’s breaking hearts in Tennessee just as he did here.  He’s wearing a diaper and loves it; the little ham gets all excited when a new one is put on.  I’ve been in constant contact with the medical director who’s in charge of Mojo’s case ad she’s been wonderful.
As for my special cases, I could easily tell the stories just as they occur but then I’d be just a reporter, no offense to the reporters, they’re all great.  But to be a columnist, the tales of my interaction with the animals and the people must be told as I see them.  I’m sure you all much prefer the latter.  What, you don’t believe I talk to the animals?  Oh ye of little faith.
Bless you all and once again,
Thanks for listening.

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