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State officials on notice

Published 9:39am Friday, May 10, 2013

If an elected government leader will tell a newspaper publisher, who has the ability to tell the world, to sit down and be quiet can you imagine what he will say to you when you learn of an impending highway that will cut through your family farm?   I guess you should have looked at the government website.

What about those in our community who are not computer literate or don’t have Internet access?  When I asked the question I was told by one government representative,  “they can go to the library.”  Really?  They might have access at the library, but the idea that they will make regular trips to the library to check a government website for public notices is just downright laughable. In fact, it’s laughable for most of us and still doesn’t address the situation of those who are not computer literate.

Newspapers get the word out.  Even if you don’t read the paper or peruse the public notices, chances are someone in the community will see it and alert you.  What are the chances they’ll be surfing a government website?

Call Representative Chris Whitmire at 919-715-4466 and Senator Ralph Hise at 919-733-3460 and tell them you have the right to know and to keep public notices where they belong – in newspapers where the public notices.

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