Laurel Hurst residents enjoy National Pizza Day by doing what else; eating pizza of course. Residents had a choice of pepperoni, cheese or veggie and dessert was a yummy cupcake. One resident also researched to find out who invented pizza. Her Internet search found that no one really knows who invented pizza, but sources said that American style pizza was invented in America, Italian style pizza was invented in Italy and Greek style pizza was invented in Greece. That made everyone chuckle, while most said, “Let’s do this again.” Above: Bert Lainhart, Rose Hofman, Ruth Rose and Pat Armistead. (article and photo submitted by Jennifer Thompson)

National Pizza Day

Published 9:17am Thursday, January 24, 2013
Above: Eileen Grippo, Jackie Vann, Grace Beach, Ann Shine, Ted Tinnon and Lois Ballentine.


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