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Where the heart lies

Published 10:01am Friday, January 4, 2013

We finally placed him on a table and fit the fearsome contraption on him. When we placed him on the ground Joey went backwards at full speed. We all laughed again and I said, “I’ll bet it’s the first time he’s ever gone backwards in his life.”  I’d explained to the family that this was a slow process for Joey wasn’t accustomed to using his rear legs in this fashion.

“In time (God willing) he’ll be anxious to put on his cart and go for walks,” I said.

I suggested that they put the cart on him, hook him up with a leash and gently guide him until he gets used to the motion. I have great hopes for sweet little Joey, perhaps next year we’ll enter him into the Special Olympics.

Upon leaving, the family handed me $100 to go towards Joey’s cart; they’d already sent $75 previously.

“God bless you,” I said. “No, God bless you Lennie,” was the response.

It has been a wonderful year and much was accomplished on behalf of my kids, especially these past two months.

Once again my personal fund is dangerously low, but I do not fret like I used to. I’ve learned from personal experience that the good Lord is true to His word, “To those who give, much will be given.”

Thanks for listening.

Lennie’s Kids fund now has its tax-free account up and running. If you wish to contribute you can contact Lennie Rizzo at 828-859-5835. All donations will remain anonymous unless otherwise specified. Lennie’s Kids provides medical care to abused and neglected animals through donations from the community.

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