Where the heart lies

Published 10:01 am Friday, January 4, 2013

Joey (photo submitted)

It’s New Years Eve and I find myself recalling all the wonderful animals I’ve personally rescued and had in my home.

The same goes for me as I’ve told so many people, “Unfortunately, God only lends them to us.” Still, I wouldn’t trade a moment spent with each animal for anything. God bless you all who have given homes to my precious kids, there’s a special place in Heaven for you all and I pray that those who were lost will be waiting.

On Friday I visited Rocco and his new family. My heart overflowed witnessing the love and joy both he and his new family are enjoying. Richard (Rocco’s new dad) said, “there’s been a hole in my household that is now filled.” Sometimes I wonder how animals such as Rocco take so long to be adopted and then I think “Perhaps he was just waiting for Richard.” Then again upon further reflection, “Who am I to question God’s plan?”

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I learned on Sunday that Tyrion was at last adopted thanks to Trabert (Stretch) and Matthew, an old friend of his. I hope to visit one day if possible.

At 9 a.m. on Saturday morning I met up with the Easleys, one of my favorite families who are the proud owners of Joey, the Chihuahua born sans his front legs. Joey’s cart had finally arrived at Landrum vet and we all were excited to try it on him – that is all of us except Joey. The poor little thing was frightened of it and when we tried to place him in it, he pooped. We all laughed, but at that moment I felt so much compassion for the poor little soul I wanted to crush him in my arms. A strange feeling came over me. I had been in earlier to walk and give some time to Soldier, the big red pit.  Soldier and Joey are two completely different dogs in every way, yet I realized the compassion in my heart for them was exactly the same. I nearly wept at the revelation, but held my composure, for the task at hand was too important.  I gave little Joey a kiss and he returned it as if to say, “I love you Uncle Lennie, but why this?”