We all share the same cause

Published 6:41pm Thursday, December 13, 2012

They had rescued Pumpkin and while in foster she tore her hind left ACL. Tommy Maiolo couldn’t repair her leg and she had to go to the Upstate veterinary clinic.  “Lennie,” Patti asked, “could you call Dr. Allen at Upstate and see if you could get us some discounts?” “I’ll do better than that Patti, I’ll make the trip with you next Tuesday.”  Patti was delighted and I was more than willing to help a fellow rescuer in need. On Tuesday I met Pumpkin for the first time and the darling girl was a love machine, if she was in any pain she certainly wasn’t about to show it. On the way down I explained to Patti that this operation usually runs around $3,000 with a minimum of eight weeks of rehab.

“Dr. Allen usually keeps things on the low end for me,” I went on. “Whatever we save,” Patti answered, “will go toward helping other animals.”

I smiled to myself, all these folks think just like me.

I like being in the waiting room at Upstate, I meet such wonderful folks and their dogs. This time besides the great old Boxer I met there, was Roxy, one of our shelter Shepherds who recognized me.  The owner has renamed her Miracle, because she changed his life. How great is that!

Through it all Pumpkin was trying her best to try and meet and greet everything that moved. If she wasn’t doing that she had her paws on my lap attempting to give my face a thorough washing.

Dr. Allen was in Asheville, so we got to meet Dr. Ritter, who was just as sweet, thoughtful and thorough as my dear friend.  The fee for Pumpkin would be $2,000 to $3,200.  I explained to Dr. Ritter what Dr. Allen had done for me with Snowy, Lazarus and Buck.

“I’ll call Dr. Allen and we’ll see what we can do,” he answered.

Pumpkin’s operation was successful and she is now in rehab at her foster home.  Pumpkin’s final bill came to $2,060 (God bless those people) along with the $500 I donated from Lennie’s Fund, Patti and Chris can now put those savings toward other animals.  My reward was a great big tearful hug from Patti, once again words were not necessary.

Christmas time is nearing, please put a little aside for my kids, I’ve no doubt that such a gesture would please our Lord.

Thanks for listening.

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