We all share the same cause

Published 6:41 pm Thursday, December 13, 2012


Being the only shelter in all of Polk County, Foothills Humane Society (FHS) plays the number one roll in my cause.

This relatively small facility carries a large burden on its shoulders and I have personally witnessed vast improvements over the years. FHS is successful because of the many individuals and rescue organizations selflessly working toward the same cause. I have often spoken of some of them over the years and the admiration I have for them.

Last week I went to visit Brother Wolf in Asheville and though it’s out of our district, I wanted to meet the proprietors of this fabulous facility. After a thorough tour, meeting all the wonderful animals and all the volunteers, I visited Denise Bitz as planned. Bitz is executive director and one of the co-founders of Brother Wolf.  I told her how deeply moved I was by the care and love I witnessed in her facility; I was literally moved to tears of joy. After that we simply hugged, for it seems with like-minded people words are not necessary.

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The next day I visited Lori Jewell at Pet Tender Angels. I can’t say enough about this wonderful lady and the magnificent work she’s done over the years either. While there, two old friends, Jim and Betty, came to walk dogs. I’d learned that they adopted sweet Bubbles as they excitedly told me how well she’s doing. Lori and I then walked the compound as she introduced me to some of her newer dogs and told their stories. I got to see old Max who’s been with her from the beginning and Relay, the 10-year-old Golden depicted in the photo. Relay is not up for adoption, he was born there and Lori has kept him and his mom as household pets, along with many others. Relay has recently lost his mom and is a bit despondent but I’m confident that the care and love he’ll receive from Lori’s oversized heart will pull him through. Upon leaving we hugged, for with Lori also, words are not necessary.

During the week I received a call from Chris Hume and Patti Peake, two old friends and rescuers of the highest order.