Rules of losing weight for good

Published 6:36pm Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rule No. 3:
Your body has two fuel tanks in your body. You have a fat fuel tank and a sugar fuel tank. Here’s the thing … your body won’t burn both tanks at the same time. In other words, if there is sugar (carbohydrate) in your blood stream, your body won’t go into Ketosis. Ketosis is just a fancy word for the liver converting fat into fatty acids, or in essence, “burning” fat.
There are three types of sugar.
Monosaccharides: foods like fruit and honey.
Disaccharides: foods like table sugar or milk.
Polysaccharides: foods like bread, rice and pasta.
Please don’t misunderstand me. We can’t live without sugars (carbohydrates) because they fuel our muscles and brain, but most people have either too much sugar (carbohydrate) a day, or they have it too many times a day.
Rule No. 4:
You need to gain muscle to lose the fat. Gaining muscle actually raises your metabolism. In other words, for every ounce of muscle you gain, your body burns extra calories 24 hours a day to keep that muscle healthy. Also, if you don’t gain the muscle, three things happen. Fat won’t come off well. If any does, it won’t stay off. Your size might change, but your shape won’t.
Be careful though. Make sure you know what you’re doing in the weight room. Weights and exercise equipment are very unforgiving. You can seriously hurt yourself without proper instruction. Make sure your trainer or instructor is well educated and experienced. This will not only keep you safe, but help you learn proper training technique, so you can make the most progress with your program.
Fitness or nutrition question? Email me at or visit David Crocker of Landrum has been a nutritionist and master personal trainer for 26 years. He served as strength of the Spartanburg Y.M.C.A., head strength coach for the USC-Spartanburg baseball team, S.C. state champion girls gymnastic team, and the Converse college equestrian team.
He was a water safety consultant to the United States Marine Corps, lead trainer to L.H. Fields modeling agency, and taught four semesters at USC-Union. David was also, a regular guest of the Pam Stone radio show.

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