Rules of losing weight for good

Published 6:36pm Thursday, December 13, 2012

So many folks these days are trying to lose excess fat and get in better shape with little or no real results.
To complicate things even further, there are myriad of diet pills, shakes, exercise machines, books and diet plans. Small wonder many people wanting to lose weight get confused. Here’s the thing; there are rules for losing fat. Know, and follow those rules, and you stand a good chance of reaching your fitness goals. Don’t, and you’ll just spin your wheels.
Rule No. 1:
There’s only one way to lose body fat; you can’t sweat it out, you can’t massage it out. You can’t turn fat to muscle or muscle to fat. Muscle and fat are two different compounds. For you to lose body fat, it has to dissolve in your blood stream and travel to your liver. Fat is then metabolized or “burned” for energy.
Rule No. 2:
Starving yourself to lose fat won’t work. One thing to remember for a lifetime is that your body can’t tell the difference between what you choose to do, or you have to do. For this reason, if you starve yourself, your body doesn’t know that you are choosing not to eat, it just thinks food is unavailable. That causes your body to go into survival mode, where it will hold on to as much fat as it can.

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