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Time for prayer

Published 9:25am Friday, April 13, 2012

“She’s scared and in pain,” Donna said as she walked over to me. “What’s wrong with her doc, and can she be fixed?” “She has a bladder stone Lennie, which I’m certain we could treat with the proper foods. Her biggest problem is that she has lots of dead skin on her back end from foul excretion and bacteria.  We’ll have to shave her a bit, scrape away the skin and treat the area.”
“What then, Donna?” “She should be fine and ready to go home in a few days, all she needs is the proper food and meds till she heals.” “Oh no doc, she’s mine now, let’s just get her well and I’ll find her  a home.” Donna smiled and hugged me, “Whatever you need, Lennie,” “She’s beautiful, isn’t she, doc?” “I’ve seen a lot Lennie, she’s most certainly in the top five.”
When I got home I called Connie and gave her the news and then asked how she got her there. “She was sweet Lennie, she rode in her cage without any trouble at all.” I was relieved to hear the news, knowing that once the pain and trauma were over she’d be a loving cat again. I then contacted Dana Meyer, my number one go — to person in these matters.  After I explained the whole situation, Dana said, “Send me some photos and I’ll get her into the Maine Coon rescue, they are a great organization that does fine work.” “Thank you Dana, I’ll get that done and please let me know if there are any complications.” “No problem Len, where do you find all these kids?” “They find me,” I replied, as we rang off laughing.
I then sat back and prayed for success in this latest endeavor as I often do. I smiled as a warm glow passed over me remembering the words of our Lord, “What you do for the least of these…”
Thanks for listening.
There’s a month and a half to go before my fundraiser at Tryon Estates and the beautiful auction items are rolling in. This is a very important event for my kids, so please purchase your tickets as soon as you can. I’ll need a decent count a few weeks before the event.
Please call me at 828-859-5835 or contact the Tryon Daily Bulletin. The food and the people you’ll meet alone are worth the price ($20).
What it will do for my kids, priceless.

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