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Time for prayer


As I  begin this tale we are deep in the midst of holy week and my mind drifts between my cause and my faith. My belief system is such that I’m certain I could not achieve the former without the latter
I received a call last week from my good friend Connie Brown and after initial greetings she asked, “Lennie, I need your advice on something.”  “What is it Connie, are one of your kids sick?” “No, my animals are fine,” she replied. “It’s about a Maine Coon cat, she has blood in her urine and her back end is all raw.”
Connie went on to explain that the older lady who has her can’t afford to help her or keep her and she wants her put down.  “Is she an older cat, Connie?”  “I think she’s 8 years old Lennie and my God, she is beautiful!”  I smiled hearing the anxiety in Connie’s voice. “Don’t worry sweetheart, we’ll help her if we can.” “What do we do Lennie?” she replied, sounding a bit relieved.
“First make sure she’ll give her over to you, no questions asked. Then I want you to take her over to Landrum vet and place her there in my name, I’ll let them know you’re coming.  By the way, what’s her name?”  “Maggie,” Connie answered, “and what will happen then?” Connie went on. “Don’t worry dear,” I said, “we’ll do everything we can to get her well and then we’ll go from there. “What time can I bring her Lennie?” “Eight o’clock will be fine, they’ll know she’s coming by then.” “That will be perfect and God bless you Lennie.” “Thanks Connie, I live for His blessings.”
The next morning on the way to work I stopped at Landrum vet to let them know Maggie was coming with the promise I’d check in after my shift. I got back to Landrum vet around noon and learned Maggie was brought in as promised. Dr. Raines was busy so I walked Buck before going in to see Maggie. After I placed Buck in his cage I went to see Maggie and was awestruck by her beauty.  She is a tricolor with the deepest and clearest sea green eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat. She was hissing and growling in the corner of her cage and it broke my heart to see her that way.