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Know Your Neighbor: Claire O’Sullivan

Name: Claire O’Sullivan Occupation: Consultative Sales Representative for Ink4 Children’s names and ages: Kailey (14) If I could ...

Know Your Neighbor

Know your neighbor: Jim Jackson

Name: Jim Jackson Age: 86 Occupation and title: Retired Spouse’s name: Sheila Children’s names and ages: Amy (42), ...

Know Your Neighbor

Linda Darling

Name: Linda Darling Occupation: Group Event Coordinator – 1906 Pine Crest Inn & Restaurant Pet I’d like to ...

Know Your Neighbor

Elaine Rizzo

Learn more about the community members around you with our "Know You Neighbor" feature, which runs in the ...

Know Your Neighbor

Kaleo Wheeler

Get to know Kaleo Wheeler, a musical storyteller, workshop leader and certified therapeutic music practitioner.