Two French films on tap this week

Published 12:26 pm Tuesday, February 13, 2024

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This week at the Tryon Theatre we are embracing the Valentine’s holiday with two films made in the language of love, and perfectly paired in theme. These two French films are “The Crime is Mine” and “Anatomy of a Fall.” 

The thematic thread tying these films together is that of murder, though the films do approach this subject with vastly different artistic interpretations. Both received great acclaim from audiences, with “Anatomy of a Fall” receiving a Best Picture nomination and “The Crime is Mine” receiving a NY Times Critics award. 

“The Crime is Mine” is a period piece romp set in 1930s Paris, focusing on the intertwined exploits of two young women; an untalented actress, Madeleine, and an unemployed attorney, Pauline. The possible murder at the center of this film is that of a powerful producer whom Madeleine has been accused of killing. However, the plot of this film is less concerned with the legal proceedings as it is with social ones, as Madeleine’s trial propels her into the limelight in increasingly ridiculous and comedic capacities. “The Crime is Mine” is a glitzy and energetic film, hurtling along with sharp wit, farcical characters and a surprisingly touching throughline of compassionate sorority.

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“Anatomy of a Fall” is a dramatic and compelling approach to the theme of potential murder, gripping and engrossing the viewer as a web of marital secrecy is unwoven. Set in the remote Alps near Grenoble, a family has suffered the unexpected loss of the father, as he appears to have fallen from a third-story balcony. The wife, a successful novelist, is soon suspected of foul play in the situation and brought before a court. And, as the proceedings wear on, the couples’ visually impaired son faces mounting pressure to testify on a situation he doesn’t fully understand. This complicated and complex thriller creates excellent tension from the courtroom proceedings and expertly touches nerves that all adults understand, namely those born of cohabitation and emotional intimacy with a partner. 

We hope you all will join us for a dose of both French and murder, whether your tastes are comedic or serious! 

With this being a split week of foreign films, there are some important details to note. Firstly, all showtimes will be shown in French with English subtitles on the screen. Secondly, the films will be screened according to the following schedule: “The Crime is Mine” will be shown Wednesday at 7 p.m., Thursday at 2:30 p.m. and Saturday at 7 p.m.. “Anatomy of a Fall” will be shown on Thursday at 7 p.m., Friday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m.