Where does the time go? 

Published 11:43 am Tuesday, January 30, 2024

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January 2024 is about to be in the books. As I reflect on this past month, I can’t help but ask, “Where did the time go?” It seems as if it were only a few days ago we were celebrating the Christmas holidays and enjoying all the festivities. Today we are on the brink of beginning the month of February. How is that possible? The old adage, “time flies” certainly has merit to it. 

When I mention this to some of the more seasoned folks, they tell me that the older you get the faster time passes by. While I find this to be sobering on different levels, it creates a sense of urgency to make the most of today. Our chairman of deacons gave me a card with a quote on it by Etienne de Grellet that highlights this fact. The quote says, “I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now, Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” January 2024 will be over shortly and we will never get this time back or walk this way again. Did we merely exist or did we truly live these past 31 days extrapolating everything we can out of them?    

In Paul’s Epistle of Ephesians, he tells us in chapter 5 and verses 15 and 16 to “…be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time…” Time is a commodity we never get back. We cannot earn more time, purchase more days, or negotiate to have a longer life. There is a time to be born and a time to die. The length of days between those two set moments is all we have and when they are gone, they are gone. It becomes increasingly important for us to make sure we make the most of our days. We must live with purpose and make our lives count for the greatness of our Creator, His kingdom, and the goodness of mankind. 

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Some of the events this past week have reminded me of the importance of living a focused life. Friday the 26th we said goodbye to one of our longstanding church members. His passing was without warning. He was here one day and gone the next. Little did I realize my conversation with him after service the previous Sunday would be the last time I spoke to him. Besides his departure, I have made numerous hospital visits recently to see folks dealing with serious health challenges. Again and again, I am reminded to make today count for tomorrow is not promised. Life is very fragile. 

As we step into February may we all be more intentional about making today count so when we reach the end of the month we won’t look back and say “Where did the time go?” but instead we can say, “We made this month count!” Live today with zeal and focused intention!