Matters of the heart

Published 12:57 pm Thursday, January 25, 2024

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Many of you may not know but in October of 2023 I began my 10th year of dialysis and it’s beginning to really take its toll. In the last three months, my weight has dropped from 175 to 147 pounds and my appetite is still strong as ever. Though my kidney is functioning okay I’m losing vital nutrients due to my treatments.  

I have dropped Wednesday from dialysis and am now only going in on Monday and Friday. I’m taking a whole new regimen of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes to help me gain some strength. This may or may not shorten my life, I don’t know; I’ll leave that in the hands of the good doctors and my Lord. My goal is not only length of life but also decent quality.

I’m also having pain under my heart these past few months; the diagnosis is that the blood flow through a valve has narrowed. I will be seeing my cardiologist on January 31 and tests will tell us if we can use meds to help the flow without going in. Meanwhile, should the pain be prolonged I have been told what to do. 

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Know this dear readers, I am not despondent in any way, I take life as it comes and just do the best I can.

I did use my extra day off to visit an old friend and fellow rescuer, Lori Jewell, the founder of Pet Tender Angels. I met Peanut, a sweet pit mix that had a twisted front leg just like my girl Snowy had many years ago. Dr. Allen could not fix Peanut like he did Snowy, but Peanut is just as happy as ever and gets around just fine, ignoring his handicap. He has a tail that won’t quit thumping when given the least bit of attention.  

Lori also has a 12-year-old dog, possibly a Plot hound and Aussie mix, named Cola.

Cola had lived with her mom since she was a pup and now her mom has gone into an old folk’s home. Her son who lived with her (and who Cola loved) did not want her.  

Sound familiar?  

Cola is so sweet, loves people and has many years left. If you can give her a home, please call me or Lori, she most certainly has earned it.

I also helped a poor man with his 4-month-old Cavapoo. I’d never heard of the breed but they are the cutest little things. The pup, whose name is Gino, has the deadly Parvovirus. I paid the whole bill for Gino’s treatments and God willing, he is now on the mend. I also left a large check to Pet Tender Angels for the wonderful work they do.

Often I just follow my heart in matters dealing with the Lord’s creatures, so I’m asking Him, to please help me to keep my heart strong so that I may choose those who need help wisely.

Thanks for listening.

Peanut is just as happy as ever and gets around just fine.