Agree with recent Letter to the Editor

Published 1:28 pm Thursday, January 4, 2024

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I would like to express my agreement with Marie King’s input in the Sunday 12/31 Letter to the Editor. Seems Tryon waits for state or county funds when so much of taxpayer dollars are spent on things that are not essential to benefit the majority of Town of Tryon taxpayers. If the Town of Tryon would save some funds and not use them for limited particular interests, I feel that our utilities, sinking roads and sewer problems (if only in sections) wouldn’t be safety and contamination problems. The holiday lights are a joy for all citizens to see….and perhaps entice others to move to our community.

I truly believe the Town of Tryon should have a yearly budget IN DETAIL for expenditures and let us all see where our money is going! Have a town meeting with expanded seating for many attendees to voice concerns or compliments or who just want more information about some expenditures in more detail. 


Katherine Gunter