As things should be

Published 12:38 pm Wednesday, November 22, 2023

She was lying by the side of the road; she had suffered some sort of injury and was unable to walk. She may have been alone for some time in some sort of pain and discomfort. Her fur was knotted, she was covered with fleas and signs of malnutrition were visible.

The fleas, ticks and worms are part of nature and are only doing what they were created to do; still in all, I hate the little creatures. More than once I have seen an animal being eaten alive, both from the interior and exterior.

A Good Samaritan found her, picked her up and spared no expense trying to help her.  After being cleaned up, she was brought to the Upstate Specialists in Greenville where they couldn’t find the cause of her infirmity. A second specialist diagnosed that she had an air pocket on her spine about six inches from her tailbone. It is something that is new to me but they were told a local vet could handle the procedure.

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When I was called I learned that Maisie, the name given to her, was around 4 years old and some sort of Doodle.  

“She’s going to Bonnie Brae on the 27th of November,” I was told. “And God bless her Lennie, not a peep of complaintShe’s just a sweet little soul.”

“You’ve done enough,” I replied.  “I will let Bonnie Brae know that Maisie is now one of Lennie’s kids and I will handle all further expenses, then she can be in a forever home emitting all the love and gratitude that’s in her heart, just as things should be.”

The next four weeks will be my season’s end tales. As always give to your favorite charity, for they are all worthy, and if there’s some left over, remember my kids.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a blessed Holy Season.

Thanks for listening.

Maisie was recently found by the side of the road and treated at a local veterinarian hospital thanks to Lennie’s Kids.

Leonard Rizzo is the founder of Lennie’s Kids, a nonprofit organization that helps sick and injured animals in the foothills, promotes animal welfare and works to find homes for pets.