There is always hope

Published 12:38 pm Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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It has been a hectic couple of weeks, both personally and with my kids.

I’ve had a blockage in my fistula, which is the access vein for my dialysis. I’ve been getting slight pains in my chest and since I’ve had a 4-way heart bypass I sort of attributed it to the blockage, for there is a connection. An appointment was set up to see Dr. Kramer at Spartanburg Hospital for what I call the rotor rooter; it is a procedure that all dialysis patients go through now and then. The problem I had was that I was coughing up phlegm, which I’m still doing and I wasn’t sure that they’d take me and I’d have to reschedule. Since I do not have a fever or any other symptoms my problem has been diagnosed as an allergy, perhaps from smoke in the air. Anyway, Dr. Kramer performed the procedure and I’ll be seeing him in a few weeks. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another, oh well; we’ll just keep on plugging.

I’ve had two cases last week; Apollo and Gigi. Apollo is a 4-year-old black and white Boxer. It seems his owners lost a few animals and can’t figure out the cause. They were concerned about Apollo, so I had him brought in for tests and X-rays. There weren’t any parasites or other problems and Apollo was sent home with a clean bill of health. I paid the bill and told the owners, “There’s nothing else I can do.”  It’s a strange case and hopefully, someday we’ll learn what’s going on, till then, fingers crossed.

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Gigi is a 4-year-old Chihuahua who was off her food and showing great discomfort. She also needed to be spayed; the owners were told to wait till she was 4 years old which I disagree with. In any case, they are new friends and could not afford all the procedures. I had Gigi tested and prepared for spaying surgery. Tests came out okay and some meds for anxiety were administered. Gigi has since been spayed and last week her owner told me she’s milking it for attention and we both laughed. This week I’ve learned that Gigi is back to her old self and her owners gave me $100, about one-tenth of the bill. I told her I was highly grateful for the effort; there are always others in need who are waiting with hope in their hearts.

One more thing, I am so grateful for the outpouring of concern for sweet Lila, our little terrier mix with the damaged hip. Your caring and support will also bring hope to many others.

Lila is coming along fine and I’m a bit envious of the lucky person who will one day take this beautiful soul into her forever home.

God bless, and thanks for listening.

Leonard Rizzo is the founder of Lennie’s Kids, a nonprofit organization that helps sick and injured animals in the foothills, promotes animal welfare and works to find homes for pets.