October drifting by

Published 11:30 am Thursday, October 26, 2023

“Two sounds of autumn are unmistakable…the hurrying rustle of crisp leaves blown along the street…by a gusty wind, and the gabble of a flock of migrating geese.”
~ Hal Borland

October has drifted by as quickly as leaves spiraling down, more golds and red flutters amid the green overhead. On a warm Saturday afternoon after a few days away, I hit the back roads to wind my way back home. 

It was a sure bet that interstates and main highways would be back-to-back traffic jams, especially with leaf peepers flocking in droves. So, the long road home was by choice; a red rough-skinned mountain apple and drinks tucked in a little tote bag beside me, heavier bags in the rear with a drying oil painting carefully laid flat in the ‘way-back.’  

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There’s something about a long peaceful drive in no particular hurry on a golden afternoon that warms the heart and makes thoughts drift with those stained-glass leaves. With no one in a hurry eating my rear bumper, I poked along even slower by wide-spread pastures with grazing cows, weathered barns and white-painted farmhouses. Wood fences and woodlands stretched out, as I inhaled the scent of dry grasses and October leaves. Trying not to think about what could happen to the bucolic scenery if ‘for sale’ signs sprouted up everywhere, I enjoyed the crisp apple bit by bit, windows down, taking everything in.

I notice a few butterflies scattering along the way, and an old tire swing, thick rope twisting around a huge branch dangling from a gnarled oak tree on the edge of a far-flung field. That brought a smile: thinking of who put it up, who swung on it, the stories of old swings and shallow brown creeks trickling slow, singing, leaf boats floating along.

October starts packing her bags too. Days keep growing shorter, and here comes daylight saving time again, then Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh no! Too quick, much too fast; so I pull my thoughts back to dusky-lavender and white asters, turquoise sky patched with cotton-ball clouds, and I watch for a lone persimmon tree along field edges embroidering quiet forest. Like dreams of old tire swings and remembered autumns, one might pop up along the winding road home. You never know. 

All Saluda-area veterans are welcome to share a free breakfast at Saluda Center, 64 Greenville Street, on the first Wednesday every month at 0900. 

Saluda Community Land Trust (SCLT) has a “Walks in the Woods” hike on November 5 to cabins in the cove. This walk will be guided by Chuck Hearon and Betsy Burdett, where they’ll give a tour of a restored 1920s log cabin, grounds and trails along with an early 1900s barn. Meet at Saluda Library’s parking lot at 2 p.m. 

Mountain Page Theater’s latest production “Mary Poppins” opens soon, with performances November 3-12. Get tickets (not available at door)  by visiting www.mountainpage.theater

Today, I’m remembering Scott Kinard who passed away this week. Some will remember him from his trips to the library, some will remember him back in his performing days, blue eyes sparkling, full of life and immense talent. Plans are in the making to have a Scott-inspired celebration with community performances—something he’d love. 

Happy October Birthday to Cissy Thompson, Riley Thompson, Patricia Case, Gary Corn, Aaron Bradley, Amanda Anderson, Lisa Orr, Marilyn Prudhomme, Bubba Dawson, Kirby Jackson, Mary Ann Asbill, Sheila Billeter, Carol Thompson, Dean Bradley, Susan Wheeler, Brenda Craig, Becky Broadfoot, John Morgan, Bob Whitaker, Bonnie Williamson, Heather Case, Mary Scurry, James Hrynyshyn and Jeanie Bennett. 


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