Tryon International Film Festival arrives October 6

Published 11:49 am Tuesday, October 3, 2023

This week at the Tryon Theatre we have Tryon’s own annual film festival, the Tryon International Film Festival. This festival is a town-wide affair that involves films across three locations, educational classes and many more festive diversions. We at Tryon Theatre are partnering with the festival as their primary location for their feature films. 

The festival was conceived as the brainchild of two local residents, Beau Menetre and Kirk Gollwitzer, both of whom to this day are still involved in every facet of the festival, from the ground up. The festival has grown significantly over the years, both in scale and professionalism, while taking progressive strides in its artistic scope. And as the festival has grown it has provided increased opportunities for Tryon residents and businesses to shine in the eyes of those visiting, as they always do. 

A film festival at its core is about giving a platform to filmmakers and artists that otherwise may not have an occasion to tell their stories, whatever they may be. Often the boundary experienced by up-and-coming or amateur filmmakers is a financial boundary, with small productions lacking the studio backing necessary for advertising and distributing their work. Festivals like these allow for films to be produced at a more local level but potentially optioned at a festival for distribution, giving legs to both the artistic and commercial product of the film. With smaller festivals like the Tryon International Film Festival, films can win awards and recognitions that will better allow them entry into other festivals and more opportunities for the right studio or production company ( small or large) to option them. 

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Film festivals provide opportunities for more niche perspectives to be given their due on the silver screen. As any avid filmgoer can attest, niche stories can be remarkably compelling and eye-opening, provided they are made accessible through the formal elements of the filmmaking process. The potential broadening of one’s mind and empathy through engaging with these unique perspectives outside their own is inherently valuable but is often a gamble. There is a reason the large studios opt for broad appeal and predictable archetypes. However, that chance inherent to distinct artistic voices is inseparable from the festival-going experience. You may not love every film you see, but you will just as surely love some!

The festival team does a wonderful job curating the film selection each year and we are happy partners in presenting those selected films to you all in the best format we know how, our beloved theater. We too will be experiencing these films for the first time with you and we hope you will share with us in taking a chance on these fresh filmmakers and their contesting films! 

For tickets, programming and film schedules, please visit the festival website at