A Warrior for Peace

Published 11:31 am Friday, September 22, 2023

Chris Baschon makes ‘peace birds’ for students, faculty and staff at Tryon Elementary


More times than not, Chris Baschon, a former teacher and Polk County resident, can be seen around town socializing with friends, all the while creating her “now familiar peace birds.

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Her creations—small, white birds made in the art known as “paper weaving”—have literally traversed the world.

Her birds have traveled to the Berlin Wall, have graced the halls of families in Ukraine, and have brought inner peace to multitudes of people across the world over the last nine years. Astonishingly, Baschon has made over 11,000 birds, and she just keeps giving and giving. She says that over the years, she has shed many tears over the love and support that her birds have brought to others.

After watching Baschon weave her magic many times, Tryon Elementary School teacher Jayne Hoerner was approached and asked if the birds could be made for all the students of the school. Hoerner was extremely honored and overwhelmed by Baschon’s generosity and loving spirit.

The two put their heads together and came up with a date for the event—September 21. The International Day of Peace. Dr. Cari Maneen, the principal of TES, loved the idea immediately and the cogs began to turn.

Along with a reading of the book, The Peace Book, by Todd Parr, to a first-grade class, Baschon also had her Peace Birds distributed among all students, faculty and staff at Tryon Elementary. What an honor for TES to be given such a precious gift of peace and love to share with the small world we live in!


Chris Bashon made a peace bird for every student at Tryon Elementary


Submitted by Jayne Hoerner