Problem with wife’s profile pic 

Published 11:27 am Monday, July 17, 2023

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Dear Aunty Pam,


My wife and I have been arguing about her Facebook profile pic and we’ve decided to let you settle it, if you will.

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My wife, Connie, is 45 and I’m 47. We’ve got two girls who are about to start college.

My profile photo on my FB is of our whole family together playing miniature golf. We’re all laughing and holding our clubs in the air.

My wife, on the other hand, changes her profile photo about once a month and every photo that she posts of herself is always, in my opinion, inappropriately seductive. She always wears a lot of makeup in these photos, with her hair done, and either sort of pouts her lips or does a side-eye look.

When I’ve asked her about it, she gets very defensive and says she’s just trying to look nice and that’s all. Then when I tell her even her daughters are embarrassed by her photos, she accuses me of picking on her and judging her by her appearance alone.

Last night I told her she’s a middle-aged woman whether she likes it or not and her photo looks like something she would put on a dating site. We had a huge fight. She told me I’m being a bully and now isn’t speaking to me.

Your thoughts, please?


Doghouse Dave


Dear Dave,


Having not seen her profile photos, it’s hard for me to tell, but if indeed they are of a sexual nature, then—actually, put Connie on so I can talk to her, please.

Connie… here’s the deal: you’re approaching middle age, which is scary enough, and you’ve got two daughters about to leave the nest, so, perhaps you’re doing your best kicking and screaming against impending age. Now, there’s nothing wrong with continuing to care about your looks and trying to look cute, but posting profile photos with pursed lips and seductive expressions as a married woman and mom is definitely inappropriate. I’m thinking you wouldn’t be too pleased if you noticed that Dave posted a photograph of himself without a shirt on after a gym session, or even worse.

How about taking a new profile photo looking as sexy as you like but with your husband in the photo as well? Then you can feel good about the way you look and all David‘s friends will be jealous. And the kids? Well… kids are embarrassed no matter what their parents do.


Cheers, dears!!

Aunty Pam