A wet and wild pairing of films

Published 11:27 am Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

This week at Tryon Theatre we will be diverging slightly from our feature film offerings, and showing two classic, repertory films instead! Repertory films are simply an industry-specific way of categorizing films that are not current “feature” films. 

This means that repertory films are any “older” films, from the classics of the black and white decades to films from this decade! The two repertory films that will be gracing the silver screen this week were made almost 20 years apart, each reflective of different artistic approaches and cultural sentiments, but both generationally defining films. These films are “Singin’ In the Rain” (Kelly & Donen 1952) and “Jaws” (Spielberg 1975). 

Now at first glance, this pairing may seem oddly disparate in tone, however, there actually is some quasi-thematic logic to the duo. Both films obviously are water-themed, and both were monumentally popular at their time of release, dominating their respective box office charts. 

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The difference in tone is not unintentional. As we do with the rotation of the feature films, we also want to keep a good mix of tone and content in our repertory films. Appreciating this, we wanted to balance the fear and darkness of “Jaws” with the comforting warmth of “Singin’ in the Rain”. This emphasis on theme provides a good segue into the broader concept of our film programming, and how we plan to incorporate regular repertory films into it. 

In an effort to maximize the offerings of repertory films, a desire that our community has routinely expressed to us, we intend to offer two repertory films, in a thematic pairing, the first full week of each month. Many months of the year provide built-in themes for programming selection, but many others allow us to flex our creative muscles and build original themes. For the remaining weeks of each month, we will continue to offer feature films, with a rough rate of two repertory films and three feature films a month. While this change in programming will allow for more repertory films, it will mean that their showtimes are not exactly the same offerings as our feature films. 

In a regular week, we have six showtimes for a feature film, with two matinees and four evening showtimes. With us now needing to fit two films into the same six time slots, we will offer each repertory film for three showtimes a piece, with two evening shows and one matinee show each. 

The showtimes for “Jaws” will be Wednesday and Saturday evening, with a Thursday matinee, and “Singin’ In the Rain” will have Thursday and Friday evening showtimes and a Sunday matinee.

As with feature films, any of the showtimes for repertory films on Thursdays will be shown with subtitles. 

These changes will require an adjustment from everyone involved, so we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we transition. We hope that this process can be as clear and easy for all as possible. And more importantly, we are excited to be able to share even more beloved and interesting films with you all! We hope to see you at the theatre soon!