Everything and the kitchen spoon

Published 11:59 am Thursday, May 25, 2023

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At any given moment in our lives, there are certain things

that could have happened but, didn’t.

The magic moments go unrecognized, and

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then suddenly, the hand of destiny changes everything.


~ Paulo Coelho


There are times when the hand of destiny does change everything. Sometimes that hand gives you a good slap on the rear to remind you to pay attention. Even I, rapt star-gazer, watcher of drifting leaves, birds and tree bark, lonesome pennies on pavement and dandelions in sidewalk cracks–even I need a reminder notice to pay attention. 

 In my case, it was a tornado-siren-worthy warning of “Pay attention, you dummy,” after I ‘Nutribulleted’ a perfectly good spoon. A very nice spoon I’ve had for over 36 years. There are now sharp, jagged spots on it as if sabertooth tigers and great white sharks fought over it tooth and nail. 

For those of you who don’t know what a Nutribullet is, just picture a smallish blender and you’ll figure it out. Mine is the super-charged model I snagged last year from Ollie’s Discount store over in Forest City, a deal-of-a-deal for the power-plus model. 

I came home with that bad boy and went to town creating all kinds of smoothies for breakfast. That thing has jaws of steel—it pulverizes carrots, raw beets, kale, sweet potatoes, nuts, and ice. You name it, it does it with the greatest of ease. 

So, I righteously set forth yesterday to make an extra-healthy super smoothie. I dumped a few spoonfuls of Greek yogurt in first, then a pile of everything but the kitchen sink. Yep, Mr. Nutribullet can chew and chomp quite well on a spoon if a certain idiot forgets it in the container with the ingredients. The truth is, after piling everything in, you couldn’t even see a spoon in hiding. Oops.

 Yours truly was clueless, even when the Nutribullet made louder than usual grinding sounds. Must be a heckuva hunk of ice in there, I thought.

I sent the thing on another loud grind, until….I checked. The spoon, the spoon! And now I have a leaking crack in the container. I also have a well-chewed spoon to save as a reminder to self to PAY ATTENTION and a mission to find a replacement container. Reckon it’s back to cereal for now…


  • Saluda Tailgate Market is every Friday at the west city parking lot located off Main Street, 4:30-6 p.m. 
  • Feeling a little ‘blah’? New in town wondering how or where you can fit in? Looking for ways to get/stay healthy? You and your family are invited to the kick-off party of On Track Saluda, a committee of Saluda Living in Place, at McCreery Park on June 22, from 6-8 p.m. Food, entertainment, connections and fun are on the menu—everybody’s welcome. On Track Saluda is about movement, healthy eating, and social connections. 
  • Happy May Birthday to Amy Copeland, Corinne Gerwe, Chris Anderson, Mark Jackson, Cary Pace, Lisa Hipp, Trevor Young, Paul Marion, Jesse Thomas, Margaret Sease, Elizabeth Baldwin, Chad Baldwin, Lynn Cass, Thelma Jones, Betsy Burdett, Melia Bradley, June Taylor, Robin Kirby, Kevin Matthews, Susan Warrick, Robin Bradley and Stella Barnett. 


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