Creating the perfect spot to relax

Published 2:04 pm Friday, May 19, 2023

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Relaxing sounds pretty good to most of us. Whether yours has been a hard day, or you’re retired, creating a relaxing spot outdoors most likely appeals to you. I have a few ideas that might help facilitate relaxation at your place.

A comfortable seat is number one when it comes to relaxing, just as a comfortable bed is vital to a good night’s rest. A simple rocking chair or lounge on a back porch might be your spot. I love an Adirondack chair in the shade of a tree or on the patio on a cloudy day. For some, it would be a hot tub or a hammock. 

Removing yourself from annoying sounds and distractions is a big part of relaxation. Lots of noises, attention-grabbing rings or texts, animals wanting your attention—whatever it is, it takes energy to focus on it. So, let it go for a while and get some needed relaxation of body and brain.

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Replacing irritating sounds using attractive and relaxing sounds can be really helpful. Wind chimes in a breeze, especially if they are tuned well, are an easy way to add a relaxing ambiance to your surroundings. 

Wind blowing through the needles of a big pine tree offers a special sound. Relaxing sounds transport your mind to another world it seems. Nature’s sounds help explain the natural desire to be outdoors or in the woods.

One of my favorites is the sound of a waterfall. The sound of falling water is universally relaxing. A little fountain tucked into a secluded spot, a koi pond, or the popular “pondless” waterfall that offers the sounds and benefits without any upkeep add instant relaxing vibes to your property.

If adding a water feature isn’t an option, how about dialing the sounds in via your laptop or iPad? There are waterfalls, rainstorms, Tibetan music or whatever your heart desires for free. Try it, and turn up the speakers for a while as the rain pelts the imaginary roof or the ocean waves roll in.

In terms of adding privacy to your special area to relax, hedges, fences, or strategically planted trees should be considered. Decks and patios, a sitting place in a private nook or under a big tree—there surely is a spot you can find to relax. But, if there isn’t, then I hope you are stirred to create such a spot.

To my thinking, there is not much value to having a yard if you never spend any time in it. It just becomes something to mow every week during warm weather. At least try a fruit tree or a blueberry bush somewhere. There’s nothing relaxing about mowing and blowing a perfect grass lawn in my view.

Finding that shade tree, constructing a deck or patio, putting in an outdoor kitchen or grill, adding a water feature, and growing some flowers to enjoy are all ways to obtain more from your yard. Carefully choosing shrubs and perennial flowers that need little attention and return year after year will keep it enjoyable, rather than a chore to be done that hinders the relaxation we are aiming for. 

Try to find or create the ideal spot at your place to relax and refresh–it’ll make for a longer life and a more enjoyable one at that.


The author is a landscaper. Contact Max at