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Published 12:11 pm Friday, April 14, 2023

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Over Easter weekend, I spent a lot of time with my friends. We celebrated Resurrection Day on Saturday night by going to an evening church service, eating a homecooked meal together, and staying awake until two in the morning singing worship music in my friend’s living room.
Over the span of Good Friday to Easter Sunday, we reflect on the crucifixion of Christ, the silence of the following day, and His resurrection on the third day. The whole weekend is disguised in flowers, Easter eggs, spring break, and a long weekend. The reality of the holiday, unveiled, is a bloody crown, a heavy cross, red tears, and a screaming crowd.
The reality is sacrifice.
Dear Diary: I was able to sacrifice something for the Lord this week.
I think this Easter put into perspective for me how much I don’t do that for the One who gave His life for me.
Last week, my best friend and I decided to divorce ourselves from a worldly situation. We chose to prioritize our religious beliefs, which caused us to lose a couple people we’ve had in our lives for years. Putting our relationship with the Lord above our relationship with friends was more important.
The truth about Christianity is that it’s hard, and it means dying to the world and to yourself so you can hand over your life to the Lord.
I was sitting on my bed that night, Bible opened to John 14, realizing any sacrifice is worth it if it glorifies the One who sacrificed His life for me. Giving up a piece of the world was, undoubtedly, the very least I could do. I’d do it all over again ten-thousand times if that meant it was still the least I could do.
I haven’t much to say today except this: the longer you’re wrapped up in the world, the more it’ll eat you alive. I can only tell you that Jesus is the way and the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him.

P.S. Write down something you’re grateful for today. It’s all because of Him.

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