Enjoy a winning team in “80 for Brady”

Published 2:55 pm Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

This week at Tryon Theatre, we have “80 For Brady,” a heartfelt romp as warm and light as the fresh popcorn that pairs with it so well! 


This film follows four older women, all best friends, as they set out to watch Super Bowl LI in person, and cheer for their beloved star of the gridiron, Tom Brady.  

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“80 For Brady” is led by an ensemble cast, all of whom shine in equal measure, combining for a remarkably effective comedic team. The quartet taking the field in this film are Lou (played by Lily Tomlin), Trish (played by Jane Fonda), Maura (played by Rita Moreno), and Betty (played by Sally Field). 


At the opening of the film, we learn of these friends’ shared adoration for the New England Patriots, especially New England’s star quarterback. They all had become fans of Tom years earlier when Lou was completing chemotherapy, and now, in 2017, are celebrating the Patriot’s victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game. While celebrating and planning for their Super Bowl watch party, Lou floats the idea of them all attending the Super Bowl in person. The other women quickly dismiss the practicality of the idea, despite its exciting appeal. 


The cost of such a trip would simply prove itself prohibitive for these friends. However, in a turn of fate, a local radio station announces a competition for free tickets, and the ladies throw their shared hat in the ring, presenting their stories of Patriots fanaticism, and hoping to luck into attending the game. 


In a flight of fortune the foursome finds themselves in possession of tickets, and soon begin their journey to the NRG Stadium in Houston. This journey will quickly find these friends thrust into a series of increasingly bizarre and comedic situations, including (in no particular order) a break out from a retirement facility, a hot wings eating contest, high stakes celebrity poker, and more. 


While “80 for Brady” provides all of the insanity and hilarity one expects from a modern comedy, it also trades in an earnestness and compassion that can be lost from so many of its cinematic peers. 


The friendship at the center of the film is heartfelt and lived in, providing a genuine sense of comradery between the leads.  The quality of the friendship being one between older friends brings a gravity and groundedness to all of the comedic madness. The film’s starring ladies are all capable of shining on their own, of standing as independent leads. However, it is through their coordination and cooperation as a team that the film truly succeeds.


“80 For Brady” is sure to entertain and tickle your funny bone in a refreshingly guilt free fashion. We hope you all too will find this quartet of friends, and their antics, to be the winning recipe that we did!