Oscar shorts and theatre updates

Published 11:17 am Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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This week at Tryon Theatre we have our annual tradition of screening the Oscar-nominated short films. For many film lovers, the Oscars are an exciting part of your spring season, an invaluable opportunity to reflect on the year’s films and see how well your personal tastes align with the academy’s. However, as many Oscars watchers have learned throughout the years, it can be quite difficult to track down screenings of all the films nominated. The Oscars have awards specific to the celebration of foreign films, independent films, and short films, all of which can prove difficult to find in theaters. With that in mind, we take a week each year, the week leading up to the Oscars (8 p.m., Sunday, March 12), to highlight the Oscar-nominated shorts, and screen them for your enjoyment! 

In contrast to the expected content of these columns, this week’s entry will not delve into the specifics of any of the short films. There is not enough room to give them all their proper due, so you will have to trust the recommendations of the academy that their nominations will be worth the investment of your time and artistic focus.   

The shorts are separated into three categories: animation, documentary, and live-action. Within each of those categories, five films have been nominated, and one film from each category will be awarded an Oscar. We at Tryon Theatre have scheduled the screenings of the shorts to reflect these aforementioned artistic divisions. We have six showtimes in a given week, from Wednesday to Sunday, with two showtimes on Thursday. Starting Wednesday (March 8), we will show the animation shorts, then the live-action shorts on Thursday afternoon, and the documentary shorts on Thursday evening. The cycle will then repeat with animation shorts on Friday evening,  live-action shorts on Saturday evening, and documentary shorts on Sunday afternoon. The Oscar shorts are often quite popular for us and the showtimes for them can run the risk of being sold out, so get your tickets now on our website! 

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Changing direction from the Oscar shorts, we also wanted to take this week to briefly announce some exciting developments with Tryon Theatre. Come this fall we hope to be reviving the Tryon Theatre Film Society, the official details of which are soon to come! However, we will be teasing the Film Society rollout with two different one-off films this spring and summer, the first of which is confirmed and will be heading our way soon.

On Tuesday evening, April 4, we will be showing a deeply beloved classic, “Casablanca” (Curtiz 1942)! We hope to see you there, and we hope to see you this week for the shorts!!