Kite season is here already

Published 8:00 am Friday, March 3, 2023

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“It was spring, the barren time in March when you cannot be sure if it is really warmer, but you are so desperate for change that you tell yourself the mud at the edge of the sidewalk is different than winter mud and you are sure that the smell of wet soil has suddenly a bit of the scent of summer rains, of grass and drowned earthworms. And it has, because it is spring and inside the ground, something is stirring.” 

~ Maureen F. McHugh 


Here we are. March is once again busy, tucking daffodils and dandelions in her willow garden basket, pushing through the door with a promise of spring blowing in along with her, a few pink petals and spring peepers in her path. 


Speaking of blowing, March winds seem to have become a thing. For every month…or am I making that up? No, I don’t think so—it can’t be all in my imagination, since it seems like every time I turn around, another wild-and-wooly wind is kickboxing porch swing cushions all over the place, branches are bouncing down, and I’m peering out to see what’s coming down in all that rowdy chaos. Sometimes you’d think you might see Dorothy’s house coming down for a landing. 


Must be kite season already, I reckon—remembering those far-off blue sky March days when a brown paper bag and sticks along with some sturdy cotton twine could make a mighty-fine kite to sail up high. 


Maybe I need to get a homemade kite in the making: if I go to the trouble of doing it, you know it’ll be a calm no-wind day! Maybe I’ll make two. 


  • Saluda Winter Market is at Saluda Center, 64 Greenville Street, on 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 9 a.m – 1 p.m. through April. Stop by for local vendors with produce, baked and canned goods, and much more. 
  • Saluda Living in Place (SLIP), a non-profit organization to help seniors age in place, can help those 60+ in the greater Saluda community with home safety and much more. SLIP  can be contacted at 828-490-1040 or
  • Saluda Get-Well goes to Brad Tuttle. My hat is off to Cindy Tuttle for knowing CPR and being there at the right time. 
  • Happy March Birthday to: Genell Jespersen, Valerie Mintz, Sheldon Mintz, Curtis Pace, Anita Odgen Moore, Charles Weinhagen, Dorrie McKinley, Catherine Ross, Monica Pace, Ken Justus, Elizabeth Justus, Arlene Klippel, Rachel Bradley, Chris Bradley, Dawn Ward, Dori Ray, Martin Anderson, Lucy Holman, Craig Bass, Laura Bass, Patty Martin, Tangie Morgan, Melanie Keener, Tuula Veil, and Erica Shanks. 


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