Please, stop littering

Published 1:33 pm Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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A year ago I moved to Tryon, a town I consider to be one of the most charming places in North Carolina. However, one thing I simply can’t wrap my head around is the amount of garbage that clutters the streets of our fine community.

Each morning I set out for a walk with my dogs and bring several plastic bags with me to pick up the refuse from the streets. I get no more than a mile before I have to turn around because my bags are full.

The majority of what is collected is fast food containers, cigarette butts and empty cans of beer or other alcoholic beverages.

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According to, it takes at least 18 months for cigarette butts to decompose, 10 years for plastic bags, 50 years for foam cups and a whopping 450 years for plastic bottles!

Please consider this next time you open your car window to toss these items out of your car, or better yet, wait until you find a garbage can and dispose of them properly. Your beautiful town will thank you.


Mary Alexander