Greasing up the old machine

Published 8:00 am Thursday, February 16, 2023

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There is a very expensive medicine called Embril that does wonders for psoriasis and also is beneficial for my psoriatic arthritis. I take a shot each week, alternating between a shot in my belly and thigh. A wonderful young neurologist put me on a program where I could receive a one-year supply.  


My supply ran out in January and the sweet doctor helped me get another year’s supply, of which I took the first shot last Tuesday.

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The access that is used to hook me up to the dialysis machine is called a Fistula. It began to bubble up to a point where they were afraid of a rupture. It’s pretty ugly but then again, so am I. 


My dear friend Joe Crowder took me to Spartanburg where I had a procedure performed in which the vein is opened up to ease the blood flow and a tiny balloon was placed in my shoulder area to prevent clotting. The procedure has a fancy name; I call it the rotor rooter. The shoulder is a bit tender, which will dissipate. Otherwise, I’m fine. I feel like that reliable old car just about everyone has had at one time or another, just give it a little care and maintenance, change the oil every now and then and it will keep on chugging.


I received the word that one of the two young ladies I wrote of, Oasis, has been adopted.  Her eye and tail (which was docked) have both healed and she is as beautiful as ever.

My next case was Luna, a three-and-a-half-year-old German Shepherd. Luna had a bad ear infection and was scratching her face raw. The family has fallen on hard times and asked if I could help their girl.  


I had Luna brought to Landrum Vet where Dr. Lara took the case on. Luna was cared for last week and with all the other things going on I didn’t get to meet her. On Saturday, two days after my operation, I went to the vet’s office to settle the bill. I have since spoken with the family and except for her not liking “the cone of shame,” she’s healing well.


While settling up the bill I ran into Dr. Lara who told me how nice the family was and that Luna was a real special lady. I smiled and thought of how my doctors have kept me ticking over the years. Still, helping my kids is still the best remedy for this old man’s heart. Thanks for listening.

Luna, a three-and-a-half-year-old German Shepherd who had a bad ear infection and was scratching her face raw, is now on the mend.


Leonard Rizzo is the founder of Lennie’s Kids, a nonprofit organization that helps sick and injured animals in the Foothills, promotes animal welfare and works to find homes for pets.