Helping the least of these

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Helping out pets of people or families in need is always rewarding. Making an animal whole and getting it back to a family that loves and cares for it is what it’s all about.  Though all of them have a special place in my heart, I recall the years I worked at the shelter and beyond.  


The cases that struck me the hardest were the strays that came in sick, injured or deformed. Their chances in life were slim to none and if I could help mend and save one, I would tearfully thank God for the opportunity to do so.

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At the beginning of January, I told the tale of Evelyn and Oasis, two such animals. I had promised Sue Wallahara, a long-time friend and super foster momma that I would help where I could. I hadn’t visited Sue and Richard for many years, but this Sunday I had the opportunity to accept her invitation. 


Elaine and I reminisced with the Wallaharas as we took turns holding and loving these beautiful creatures. More than once the conversation, along with holding the pups, brought tears to my eyes. I cannot help it; I’m just an old softie.


Oasis was due to have her broken and deformed tail docked, and she needed to be spayed and have a bulging eye cyst removed. This past Tuesday, I met up with Sue at Bonnie Brae and Oasis was brought in for her procedure.  


I received the call later that afternoon that all went well and this sweet girl would be going home with Sue and Richard for final mending before being placed in a forever home. The fee for this one was around $1,500, I only mention it so my supporters can see where the money goes.


Evelyn, the other part of the story, will be due soon; we are still evaluating the best procedure for this beautiful girl.


Before I close, I have a message for my dear friends at Parker-Binns Winery.  I remember the day Bill and Karen adopted Lulu from me like it was yesterday. Her initial name was Coffee, but she most definitely is a Lulu. Except for some physical issues which I have written about, Evelyn is a reincarnation of Lulu. If you wish to meet her, I’ll make it happen one way or another. Anyone who knows Bill and Karen please inform them of the message.  Till then dear readers, keep the faith and

Thanks for listening.


Evelyn, the female pit


Leonard Rizzo is the founder of Lennie’s Kids, a nonprofit organization that helps sick and injured animals in the Foothills, promotes animal welfare and works to find homes for pets.