EDITORIAL: Leah Justice was one of a kind 

Published 12:30 pm Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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When I first met Leah Justice, it was the summer of 2002, many years before I began working in my current role at the Bulletin. Back then, I was simply an inserter and a helper in the press room. I never imagined how my role would change over the years, and that I would become such good friends with our lead reporter.

It was obvious to me very early on that Leah had something special about her; a unique ability to get the job done right, to get the important details of a story, and to compose her articles in a clear and concise manner. She did all this almost instinctively as if she was born to be a journalist. I truly believe that she was born to write. When I became editor of our publications, Leah’s guidance and approval meant the world to me.

But more important than that, Leah was just an awesome person. 

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Her wealth of knowledge, sense of humor, candid honesty and willingness to help will be missed more than words can say. She was authentic. You knew that if Leah paid you a compliment it was from the heart; by the same token, if she gave you constructive criticism, you knew you’d better pay attention.

Like the rest of us, when I heard the news of Leah’s passing it was a gut punch. Knowing that this pillar of the community was gone, and that this void at the Bulletin was permanent, was overwhelming. 

But knowing Leah, she wouldn’t want us to be sad for long. She would just give that look that says, “alright, we’ve got work to do.” She’d want us to keep up the good work, and carry on doing our best to keep the community informed. And although things will never be the same, we’ll work harder than ever to do just that. 

Journalists today could learn a lot from the way Leah handled herself on a day-to-day basis. Likewise, we all could learn a thing or two from Leah. 

Always be honest. Be helpful. Make people laugh. Teach others when you can. Be dedicated to what you love.

I’ve heard many times recently that “God broke the mold when he made Leah Justice.” I couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Leah. For everything.


Jeff Allison

General Manager