Get plant and seed requests in early

Published 8:00 am Thursday, January 19, 2023

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Annually, right on schedule, the mailbox contains seed and nursery catalogs about the end of the year or the start of the next one. Jung Seeds and Indiana Berry Company are the ones I found yesterday in the box. If you order from one, often your name and address are sold and you get solicitations from several companies. I’ve been doing this for half a century, and little has changed. The catalog folks realize that once the holidays are past, people begin dreaming of gardening and planting as spring approaches.


If you need to order seeds for your annual garden, then this should be your reminder to get at it before the favorites are all sold out. Sometimes it also is good to schedule plants ahead, especially fruiting bushes and trees.

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In the short and dark days, it’s also a good time to plan and call contractors for spring or summer projects. Many of the good ones get booked up at their busy times. For raking leaves, it probably doesn’t matter, but if you have a project for a skilled craftsman you don’t want a beginner.

By starting your planning early you get on the schedule of the people you know are good at what they do.


Shortages and inflated prices have hit just about everything it seems. You may find sticker shock, not just in the produce aisle of your favorite market, but also in the yard and garden section. Some fertilizers prices have doubled. Some plants are up 20 to 100%. You may find that the pot has shrunk for some plant favorites or seed counts have been reduced in seed packages, while prices printed on labels have also gone up.


If it’s made from crude oil (fuel, plastics, oils, rubbers, and many other things have byproducts from crude oil refining) then it’s gone up in price.  Plus, freight hikes have sent the price up even more. Back in the summer, I was floored when I saw that rubber pond liners had nearly tripled in price. 


If you have never gardened before, you perhaps should seriously consider doing it in the coming year.

Raising your own garden solves both availability and sticker shock issues, and the exercise is healthy.


Consider buying heirloom non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds. Quality is the main focus when selecting seeds. Old-fashioned seeds saved and passed along from one generation to another solves many issues and can save you money as well.


Before you forget, make a note—or a plan—to buy your garden and landscape needs early, and make plans to schedule bigger projects before the last minute. You’ll be ahead of this game if you take action promptly. Here’s to your gardening success in the coming year.