SGA competes in ‘The Gala’

Published 2:21 pm Monday, January 16, 2023

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Sizemore Gymnastics Academy (SGA) competed in The Gala on January 6 in Asheville.

Neysah Engle, Collins Kerr, Irie Marlow-Halterman and Josephine Wallace represented SGA at the AAU Xcel bronze level. Kendall Medina, Aria Springs, and Alia Vorbe represented SGA at the AAU Xcel Silver level. Genevieve Ard, and ScottLynn Whiteside participated at the AAU Xcel Gold level. Sherlyn Trejo competed at the AAU Xcel Platinum level. 

On SGA’s Bronze team, Neysah achieved 36.25 all around from her 9.2 on beam, 9.05 on floor, 9.0 on vault and 9.0 on bars. Collins raised her all around over a point to 35.95 from her 3rd on floor with 9.15, 9.0 on beam, 8.9 on vault and 8.9 on bars. Irie continued to improve by increasing her all-around to 36.0 from her 9.05 on beam, 9.0 on floor, 9.0 on vault and 8.95 on bars. Josephine improved her all-around score by .5 to 36.1 from her 9.3 on bars, 9.1 on floor, 8.9 on beam and 8.8 on vault. SGA’s coaches are proud of the growth shown by the bronze team.

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From SGA’s Silver team, Kendall achieved 34.0 all-around from her 3rd on vault with 9.3 and 8.55 on bars. Aria raised her all around to 35.8 with her 9.2 on beam, 8.95 on vault, 8.9 on floor and 8.75 on bars. Alia improved her all around to 36.3 from 2nd on beam with 9.45, tied for 2nd on floor with 9.1 and tied for 3rd on vault with 9.25. 

In terms of SGA’s gold team, Genevieve earned 35.95 all around from her 3rd on bars with 9.4, tied for 3rd on beam with 9.05 and 4th on vault with 8.8.  ScottLynn raised her all around to 36.5 from her 4th on beam with 9.4, 9.3 on bars and 9.1 on floor. 

For Xcel platinum, Sherlyn earned 1st all around with 36.55 from her 1st on beam with 9.7, 1st on bars with 9.1, and 3rd on vault with 9.0.