St. Luke’s is caring for your students!

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, January 10, 2023

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I’ve heard from many of you the excitement you feel about monumental strides in talent and technology that have significantly raised the healthcare level in Polk County. After many years of a successful orthopedic service line here, I am happy to report new services and talent added to an already exceptional program. 


Five-star surgeons, Dr. Azar and Dr. Cadier at St Luke’s Orthopedics provide hip and knee replacement services and various sports medicine procedures. Once performed outside our area, complex shoulder surgeries now occur at St Luke’s. Often, our orthopedic practice would treat athletes injured while participating in a sport and aim to get them back to playing activities as soon as possible when their families brought them for care. But St. Luke’s had no liaison between the hospital and the playing field at the school to give more immediate care to our high school athletes. That has all changed.

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I am thrilled to announce that St. Luke’s began providing athletic trainer services for all of Polk County High School Athletics earlier this month. Jason Currin, a certified athletic trainer, is the Manager of our athletic training program, and he holds exceptional credentials. In addition, Jason has had extensive training to develop critical skills and theories necessary for delivering primary health care. Jason has already been on-site for Polk High School practices and games and loves working with our Polk County students! 


Jason’s accomplishments include working for over a decade as Head Athletic Trainer at Woodruff High School and Sports Medicine Instructor at RD Anderson Applied Technology Center. He was named South Carolina Athletic Coaches’ Association Athletic Trainer of the Year in 2020 and holds an MA in Education and a BS in Physical Education.


Jason is a Certified Athletic Trainer who is certified in CPR. He is also American Heart Association Certified in Basic Life Support and Instruction, and National Concussion Protocol Certified through NFHS


According to Jason, he is a “servant leader, awarded educator and healthcare professional, experienced in injury field assessment, the direction of rehabilitation, and skills transfer.” He received extensive training to educate his athletes on the application of injury prevention and injury recovery through hands-on and e-learning programs. And as the athletic trainer on duty at competitions, he is the frontline to injury assessment, preliminary treatment, and stabilization for transfer to a higher level of care.


Digging deeper into what makes Jason tick, you’ll quickly learn that he’s passionate about working with his athletes and fervently advocating for his profession. Core to Jason’s professional work is building relationships based on trust and deed with coaches, athletes, doctors, and parents. You will find that he is the conduit to ensure the best possible outcome; he will collaborate closely with our surgeons, athletes, parents, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. Jason will provide consistent care from injury to recovery and return to play.


Jason has witnessed many injuries from heat stroke, cardiac arrest, concussions, spinal injuries, broken bones, lacerations, and more. As an athletic trainer, Jason’s experience is especially crucial in critical care circumstances where the athlete (and occasionally a spectator) needs stabilization before transport by EMS. For those who have been following the cardiac arrest of Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin, Troy Vincent, NFL EVP of Football Operations, said of the event, “To the medical professionals: first responders, to physicians, to trainers, the EMTs…the response that evening was outstanding. You gave our brother Damar another day to live, another chance to fight”. 


Some medical professionals attending Damar were athletic trainers like Jason (in fact, it has been reported that the person providing CPR was an athletic trainer) and their quick and appropriate responses made a difference. These professionals are vital to the safety of athletes at school and professional levels! Cases like spinal injuries, heart attacks, concussions, and trauma injuries rely on immediate care to avoid further complications. For example, when an athlete suffers a concussion, Jason asks the athlete questions, checks pupil dilation, and evaluates the cognitive state of the athlete. He then communicates this information to EMS and applicable providers. This communication ensures all bases are covered, and utmost care is issued. We know Jason’s care will make a difference for our students!


Why a Licensed Athletic Trainer

NC General Statutes require High Schools to have the services of a licensed athletic trainer. Now that these services are provided by St Luke’s, your hometown hospital can aid our local athletes in avoiding injury and improving their ability to recover and safely return to their sport when injuries occur. So, look for Jason in the St Luke’s gear or at our tent when you are at a game or field, and know that we are so proud to care for our Wolverines!!


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