Diary of a Twenty-Something 

Published 1:09 pm Thursday, January 5, 2023

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I’m wishing my dear readers the happiest of new years this Saturday morning. Remember my Year of New Things? That was in 2021, the first year I was a columnist for our beloved Tryon Daily Bulletin. . . Can you believe we’ve come this far together? Here we stand at the forefront of 2023, and I’m in my third year as a columnist at my favorite little newspaper.

If you don’t recall, I began with my columns titled “From College to the Real World,” and then “The Rest of My Life.” Now we are onto my newest series: “Diary of a Twenty-Something.”

For the past two years, we went from reading about my fresh-out-of-college experiences to the flashbacks throughout my young life. Now, allow me to introduce you to the diary of a 20-something, where you’ll find me sharing snippets of my life as I grow this year.

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I don’t know what it will hold. Similarly to last year, I don’t have many expectations. You know what I am pretty sure about? Signing another publishing contract and getting another book underway. Seeking joy in all this unknown before me. Putting my hope in the Lord instead of my weak plans, even when I think things aren’t going to most right way possible.

See how this is somewhat like a diary?

Last year, I’d heard a few times that your 30s is the new 20s––it’s when you get married, buy your first house, get your first real job, and actually settle down. Twenties? That’s for college, break-ups, friends, and freelancing. It’s true. I’ve done all these things. It’s not glitter OR gold, at times, but it all includes teachable moments. Granted, I’ve been in my twenties for only three years, but I’d like to think I’m past the confusing parts. (Just let me believe this, yes?)

After publishing my first novel, landing my first full-time writing job, and leaping into a new year with hardly any resolutions, I think it’s time to see that my path is and always was paved up to the front door of where I’m meant to be.

With love, M.M.