A new year of recycling!

Published 12:13 pm Thursday, December 29, 2022

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Welcome, dedicated recyclers, to a new year of recycling. I’m very grateful to the folks who recycle. They do the work of presorting their recyclables, breaking down boxes and crushing plastic milk jugs, all of which allow me to get more material on the trailer without it overflowing.


Our pickup locations are at Harmon Field (Mon.), Saluda (Tues.), Green Creek Fire Dept. (Wed.) and Columbus (Thurs.). At all locations, we’re there from 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. 

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Aside from cardboard and paper, we take containers that hold food or household products. Plastic containers with the numbers 1-7 in a triangle on the bottom are acceptable. Bottles that have held food or household products are fine. All other plastics, like coat hangers, packing, plastic bags, bubble wrap, plastic implements, and Styrofoam, are not recyclable even if they have a triangle. Glass other than bottles is not recyclable. Examples of non-recyclable glass are drinking glasses, window and mirror glass, ceramics, etc.


Submitted by Dan Dworkin, Polk County Recycling Attendant