SGA shines in gymnastics competition 

Published 12:43 pm Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Sizemore Gymnastics Academy (SGA) competed in NC AAU West’s 1st Qualifier on December 10 in Fletcher, N.C. Neysah Engle, Collins Kerr, Irie Marlow-Halterman and Josephine Wallace represented SGA at the AAU Xcel bronze level. Kendall Medina, Hadley Pereira, Aria Springs, Alia Vorbe and Emma Whitehurst represented SGA at the AAU Xcel Silver level. Genevieve Ard, and ScottLynn Whiteside participated at the AAU Xcel Gold level. Sherlyn Trejo and Kylie Whitinger competed at the AAU Xcel Platinum level. 


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On SGA’s Bronze team, Neysah raised her all-around score almost a full point to 36.25 from her 2nd on vault with 9.3, 9.1 on bars and 9.05 on beam. Though Collins’ first competition, she earned 1st in her division with 34.8 from her 9.2 on bars, 1st on vault and 3rd on floor. Irie raised her all-around score 1.75 points to 34.975 by improving her bar score .3 to 9.1 to tie for 2nd, as well as increasing her beam score by over .8 to 9.025 and her floor score over .6 up to tie for 4th place. Josephine raised her all-around to 35.7 by tying for 1st place on bars with 9.45 and raising her beam score to 8.9. SGA coaches were proud of the Bronze team bringing home their first team banner.


From SGA’s Silver team, Kendall raised her all-around by .55 to 34.25 by increasing her beam score 1.1 points to 9.0. Hadley improved her all-around to 35.35 from earning 9.25 on beam, her highest this season by almost .2 as well as achieving her highest vault score of 9.2 for 3rd on vault. Aria earned an all-around of 34.45,1.25 points higher than the last competition by raising her vault, bar and beam scores. She received 8.8 on vault and 9.15 on beam. Alia raised her all-around to 36.05 from her tie for 1st on beam with 9.25, 2nd on vault with 9.3 and 9.1 on floor. Emma received 34.75 all-around from her 9.1 on bars, 8.9 on beam and 8.55 on floor. SGA’s Silver team’s improvement brought home their first team banner.

In terms of SGA’s gold team, Genevieve raised her all-around over .6 to 36.45 from her 1st on vault with 9.55, 1st on bar with 9.25 and 1st on beam with 9.25. ScottLynn earned 36.325, raising her all-around over 3.5 points from her 9.25 on vault, 1st on bar with 9.1, 1st on beam with 8.8 and 9.175 on floor. SGA coaches were proud of the Gold team’s improvement.

For Xcel platinum, Sherlyn achieved 37.1, raising her all-around over 1.4 points from her 1st on bar with 9.4, 1st on beam with 9.4, 2nd on vault with 9.2 and 9.1 on floor. Kylie raised her all-around 2.5 points to 34.725 from 2nd on vault with 8.9, 8.75 on vault, 2nd on beam with 8.675 and 2nd on bar. SGA coaches were proud of how the platinum team overcame obstacles. The gymnasts will compete next on January 6th at the The Gala in Asheville, N.C.


Submitted by Sharol Ard