My own personal “Year in Review”

Published 11:13 am Friday, December 23, 2022

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My dearest readers and friends, this is my last column of the year. I remember writing last year’s final column when I was heading to Atlanta for New Year’s with my friends as I gracefully ended the most impactful year of my 23 years of life.

Now, it’s the end of 2022, and I work at a newspaper, where we spend this time focusing on what we call the “Year in Review.” It’s where we highlight all the biggest headlines and important news and recap it for the paper.

Well, here we are, at the end of my metaphorical publication, in the last chapter of a successful year. Although I experienced many trials in the past 365 days, there were far more joys. Below are some of my biggest personal headlines:

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“Local writer finds steady footing on life as 2022 begins”
“A girl obsessed with lighthouses? Nothing an S.C. coastal road trip won’t fix”
“Dreams come true for author who visits landmark from almost-published novel”
“Mountain girl goes to Florida for first time, returns utterly unimpressed”
“M. M. Cochran flies to Colorado on a whim”
“Local author releases first novel, exceeding expectations in first month”

“Author of ‘Between the Ocean and the Stars’ preps to sign second publishing contract”
“S.C. girl visits Tampa in November, finds love for in-person NFL games”

Dearest readers, there you have it: My year in review, journalist-style.

Last year, I chose to have no expectations for the upcoming 12 months. It wasn’t a Year of New Things. It was a year ––like I said before––of finding my footing. A lot of things in my life and my family’s life have changed, but all for the good. 

I did. And there were surprises––some that I never would have guessed for myself. Yet, here I am wrapping gifts for all the new people in my life.

My New Year’s resolution for 2023? I’m not sure I’ve pinned one just yet, but in the easiest way I can put it, the resolution will center around finding joy, even in the bleak. Finding joy in the happiness (because joy and happiness are two totally different things, my friends, take it from me). And last, but certainly not least––in fact, this might be first––my resolution will center around seeking joy in the unknown.