Ask Aunty Pam: Boot scootin’ wedding of my dreams

Published 11:22 am Monday, November 21, 2022

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Dear Aunty Pam,


I’m hoping you can help me!

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I’m getting married in December and my fiancé is what you’d probably call a ‘good ol’ boy.’ He’s blue-collar, a mechanic, and he loves country music and me. I love him to pieces and the only argument we’re having is that he insists on wearing jeans and cowboy boots on our wedding day!


He said he’s made it clear since we got engaged that he wouldn’t be caught dead in a tuxedo or suit, but might consider a jacket over his jeans and boots. I asked him how he’d feel if I wore jeans and boots and he said he’d love that. I’ve been trying to get him to change his mind and he won’t budge.


I’m just crushed. I’ve planned a beautiful, small wedding (we can’t afford anything fancy) but it’s the wedding of my dreams. I found a beautiful dress and a violin quartet to play us down the aisle and I just can’t believe the man of my dreams is going to meet me at the other end in Wranglers and a pair of Justin boots. I keep thinking about how our wedding photos are going to look.


How can I get him to change his mind?



Desperate Bride


Dear Bride,


Oh, my…I don’t think you can if your fiancé actually told you since the engagement he wouldn’t wear traditional wedding gear.


Listen, Aunty Pam firmly grasps that you’ve planned your dream wedding, however, a wedding is for two people, after all, and your future hubs’ point of view has to be honored as well. In fact, from the way you describe your fiancé (good old boy), I wouldn’t be at all surprised if his idea of a dream wedding would indeed be for you to also wear jeans, have a Toby Keith tribute band for the reception and leave for the honeymoon pulling a bass boat. He’s seemingly accepted the elegant trappings of a classical quartet and the only thing he really wants are his jeans and boots. So let him. Let his attire represent who he really is just as I’m sure you feel your beautiful dress represents you.


Don’t worry about the photos–countless women claim to have fantasies about rugged cowboys, so enjoy looking gorgeous on your big day, next to your own cowboy, and be the object of envy from all your girlfriends…and if the skirt of your gown is wide enough, you might even be able to plump it out to hide those jeans if you really must…


Cheers, dear!


Aunty Pam.