What’s wrong with some people?

Published 11:44 am Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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What’s wrong with some people? In yesterday’s rain, I saw a baby’s disposable diaper rolled up next to a parking space in Columbus, right next to where one would step when getting out of their car.


This is not the first time either I’ve seen this. It seems to be a thing now. When someone changes a baby’s diaper how about taking care of it in a more civilized way? No one wants to have to pick up their kid’s full diaper. And no one will! 

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So that stinky diaper stays on the ground until someone runs it over and spills its contents onto the pavement (which is even worse than the stinky diaper itself). Why do people think that is OK? How about parents take a plastic bag with them when driving with their diaper-wearing kids and bring that waste home with them instead of dropping it on the ground for the rest of us to enjoy? Because the rest of us don’t like it!


Cato Junge